Refund & Cancellation

Refund & Cancellation Policy


  • Members/Individuals are required to pay a non-refundable fee for the specific membership plan. The fee once paid will not be refunded on any account nor would this fee be held in reserve for the future.

  • Note: Participants facing the problem of deduction of any fee amount without getting the confirmation generated form (failed registration) are required to apply again on the online portal within the deadline or before expiry of date. These Individuals/Members etc can submit the request for refund of failed registration amount along with details separately as detailed below:

  • In case of any Payment Error, due to any network communication/connectivity problems, if your registration/confirmation form does not get registered and the amount of INR ………/- has been debited from your account, the same will be refunded back to your account after the reconciliation with Bank. In such cases participants are advised to apply again and promptly inform us about the failed registration by sending an email to [email protected]  by writing ” REFUND ” in the subject line and following information as per details given below:

  1. Membership Fee (Year):

  2. Name of Participant/Member/Individual :

  3. Registered Email A/c:

  4. Name of Company:

  5. Name of Bank:

  6. A/c Holder Name:

  7. A/c Number:

  8. Last 4 digits of Debit or Credit Card No. :

  9. Transaction ID:

  10. Transaction date:

BO Clause


  • Bharat Tech Foundation shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorization for any Transaction, on Account of the Cardholder having exceeded the preset limit mutually agreed by us with our acquiring bank from time to time.